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CRG Portlaoise
M7/M8 Portlaoise By Pass

Portlaoise Map

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The M7M8 Portlaoise By-pass motorway was officially opened on Friday 28th May 2010. Celtic Roads Group (Portlaoise) DAC now operate the new wishbone-shaped 41km M7/M8 Portlaoise to Cullahill / Castletown PPP Motorway Scheme. This new motorway can cut up to 45 minutes off the Dublin to Cork journey at peak times as it provides a motorway & dual carriageway link between Dublin and Cork, of which 218km or 91% is motorway. It is also a significant section of the M7 motorway link between Dublin and Limerick. The project is fully funded through the collection of tolls, located in Fatharnagh near Portlaoise. Midlink M7/M8 Ltd carry out the Operations & Maintenance services on behalf of Celtic Roads Group (Portlaoise) DAC.

The following toll rates are applicable from 1st January 2023, inclusive of VAT.

Vehicle Class
Toll Rate**
Jan to June
Toll Rate**
July to Dec
Motor cycles exceeding 50cc
Motor cars
Buses and coaches
Goods Vehicles with a design gross weight not exceeding 3,500kg
Goods Vehicles with a design gross weight exceeding 3,500kg having 2 or 3 axles
Goods Vehicles with a design gross weight not exceeding 3,500kg having 3 or more axles

* M7/M8 toll charges are governed by the Toll Bye-Laws for the M7/M8 Motorway, published by the National Roads Authority.
* VAT receipts are available upon request through manual lanes to customers paying cash.
* In line with the Bye-Laws, a discount of at least 10% of the prevailing toll charge is available for customers who pre-pay for 20 journeys.
* All lanes are equipped with Electronic Tolling on the M7/M8. For further information on which tags you can use on this road go to

** CRG and TII have reached agreement around the implementation of discount arrangements to the toll rates whereby the 2022 toll rates shall continue to be applied until the 30th June 2023. This followed a direction by the Minister for Transport for TII to seek to implement a discount to the tolls for the period commencing on 1 January 2023 and concluding on 30 June 2023 so that tolls payable during this period will be the same as those payable in 2022.
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